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To buy light tokens:

  • Use the drop-down menu below and select either 40x 20 mins for €54 or 16 x 20 mins for €22 or 8 x 20 mins for €12,

  • Enter the NAME of the person to receive the tokens.  You can also buy light tokens for another member.

  • Click the  Buy Now button.

Members will be notified by text when we have credited these light tokens 
and will then be able to use key fobs to operate the lights courtside.  As some of this process is necessarily manual be sure to allow sufficient time so that you will have credit for your match!

You can either pay by credit card or debit card by completing the details on the left hand side of the page that follows or by logging on to your PayPal Account  - recommended - read more here . . . .

Person to receive tokens:

Whichever method you use only your name and transaction amount is sent to us.

Remember that you can buy light tokens for other club members but be sure to enter THEIR name in the box.

The fees listed include the PayPal transaction charge (3.4% plus 35c)

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