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Booking a Court

Booking a Court
Court Booking:
Members can book courts online up to 4 days in advance from 8:00 p.m.. You will need a username and password and these are provided via Highfield Squash Committee and are unique to each member. You will also be provided with a key fob that will allow you to book a court from the terminal located in the squash club. This fob is also used to confirm your booking once you arrive at the club and to turn on the lights. Members are reminded that both the fob and the PIN are for their use only and must not be given to others. Members may book one court per day and can use their fobs to book a second court only when the first time slot has expired.

Peak times: (not currently in place but will be re-instated once the club returns to being busy)
To take into account the times when the courts are busiest, peak times from September 1st to May 31st are deemed from 12:00-14:00 Monday to Friday and 17:00-21:00 Monday to Friday. These time slots are also clearly highlighted on the online booking and from time to time there may be restrictions in place during these times. Such restrictions are usually in relation to bringing visitors or group coaching.

You can check out our visitors policy here.

Double booking:
Double bookings during peak times (members playing another member over two courts) may be restricted during very busy times.

Light Tokens:
You activate the lights for your match by using your key fob and each 40 minute match will use two of your light tokens (1 token = 20 mins).  Tokens cost €20 for 10, €35 for 20 or €65 for 40 and can be bought on-line only.

Court Confirmation:
Please remember to confirm your court either before or immediately after you play. You should not confirm a court you have not used. If not using a court please cancel and free up for other member to use. Only the court booker is required to confirm use and only the court booker will lose a booking credit.

Booking Credits:
When you book a court you use up two of your booking credits. These credits are free and are automatically refunded when you confirm your use of the court at the court-side terminal using your key fob.  If you do not 'confirm'  you will lose those credits and you will  eventually be unable to book. This is to discourage 'no shows'. Courts can be cancelled without penalty before the start time of the match without loss of credits. Courts can be swapped any time without penalty.

Lost Booking Credits:
To protect the floors it is important that players wear squash shoes only (clean) when on court.  Runners are not allowed.
Members are requested to observe this important requirement.

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