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Coaching coordinator, Chris Jordan Engel (0872167735 or
will help to organise coaching for you.

If you are new to the game and would like some help with the basics or if you would like to improve your squash the coaches below will be happy to to provide coaching at reasonable rates for either individuals or small groups of 2 or three.  Don't be shy, give them a call. The minimum rate for coaching is €25 per hour for Level 1 Coaches. Coaches are free to make their own arrangements.

For solo and double drills why not check out the following youtube videos? They WILL help! There are also links to some 'Socially Distanced' routines but we hope not to have to return to those in that context at any rate!
Qualified Coaches at Highfield Squash.
Australian Geoff Hunt, a former World number 1 who dominated the courts in the 70s, was responsible for the 10 Fundamentals of Squash and you can read a synopsis of them at the courts and read the full article here. They are as relevant now as ever!

Highfield Squash
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